Energy Healing Stone Bracelet

Each stone bracelet represents healing and connection with you. 

Pink quartz- Heart chakra
Turquoise - Throat chakra 
Red jasper- Root chakra | Feet Grounded
Blue lapis- Third eye chakra
Blue fluorite- Throat chakra
Coral- Sacral Chakra ( Pelvic & Intimacy area)
Oynx- Root chakra 
Quartz- Crown Chakra
Fluorite - Throat Chakra
Jade- Heart chakra

Energy Healing Stone Beaded Eye Bracelet

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  • Energy Healing Bracelet

    Healing stones with protection eye

    Blue Flourite

    Black Onyx

    Blue Lapis

    Blue Lapis Light

    PInk Quartz

    Red Jasper



    Turquoise Blue



    Material: Metal
    Chain Type: Beaded Bracelet
    Model Number: EY2636
    Setting Type: None
    Clasp Type: Spring-ring-clasps
    color: evil eye beads pendent random