Bundle 2 Luna Celebration Floral Sage Smudge

  • Bundle of 2 Luna Sage Smudge


    All of our sage is organic, wild, & hand-picked from Greece. 


    Handmade with love and respect for the source, these white sage bundles are wrapped with, fresh rose buds and/or petals, white Greecee sage, sweetgrass and sprinkled with lavender. These ceremonial bundles are meant to be burned in an outdoor space. Cleanse you and your loved ones during a Full Moon or New Moon ceremony or just when you are feeling the need to release what no longer serves you! Let go of the negativity and allow room for the new to grow.




    Bonus Tip: After you light the sage, do not stop it from burning. The spirit of white sage knows just how much negativity or heaviness needs to be released and will burn accordingly. You can burn entire wands of sage in one sitting or it may stay 'lit' for only a minute or two. If you feel you are done burning sage, place the wand in a fireproof bowl or shell and allow the sage to cease burning naturally. If you watch the smoke, sometimes it will drift to a particular part of the room, car, or person  -  that is where the healing/protection energy is most needed.


    *Be wise when using sage bundles. Burn carefully and store in a dry space away from direct sunlight.*



    Please allow 2-5 business days for shipment of decor and pillows. Prints and decor are made to order. We will contact you if an item needs additional time to prepare.

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